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Your message – let's get it out there

If you’ve clicked on this page you don’t need to be told the value of clear, effective communication.

I offer copywriting, editing, and coaching services.



Perhaps you can do something clever and you need your engineers to understand how.

Or you may want to create readable web pages from impenetrable business-speak.

Or you could have the best digital widget for a growing market, and need the market to know.

Whatever you want to say, and whatever the medium you use, I can help.

Rate: £420 per day / £56 per hour

Copy Editing

Your engineers are excellent at engineering, but not so hot at writing about it.

After all, everyone has different talents.

My talent is to understand what your proposal or presentation is supposed to say, and then to say it.

The result is usually shorter and clearer than you started with, with sentences more fluent and mistakes removed.

This is what 'Oxford Word Barber' is all about - taking long, tangled, shapeless documents, and trimming and styling them for maximum effect.

Rate: £315 per day / £42 per hour

Coaching and Workshops

Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he’ll feed himself tomorrow and the next day.

It makes sense in the long run.

And it applies equally to your staff if their job involves writing.

I can offer:


One to one coaching with a member of your staff for a 2-hour session. We’ll identify exactly what they need to work on to write or speak for their job, and improve it. Our ideal aproach uses a piece of work they've worked on recently.

Rate: £200


Small group sessions - Half-day workshops for your staff, looking at the principles of communication as they apply for their job. Includes directed preparation based on a discussion with you.

Rate: £700


“Are you talking to me?” - an intriguing insight into the way different people respond to the way you speak or write, and the different ways you could speak or write to them. For your staff or your leadership team.

Rate: £700


editing - technical – marketing – scripts – bids – business – web copy and blogging - academic
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