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HR Intranet Portal

Jaguar Land Rover

Objective: To make HR policy clear to a diverse workforce across multiple sites, acting as a first point of reference. Our small team produced concise directions across over 100 topics.

Target audience: Any employee or agency colleague with login credentials at Jaguar Land Rover in the UK


Online user guide


Objective: To explain how to install an electronic device. Because the HyDip is fitted to fuel tanks in remote locations, meaning that the user may be a day’s flight from civilisation, instructions must be comprehensive and unambiguous.

Target audience: Electricians in Australia working for mines, farms and fuel stations


White paper


Objective: To establish thought leadership on relations between project operators and contractors. The client produces software that lets project teams manage contract changes, and work was needed on this white paper to give the author’s message clarity and logical development.

Target audience: Owners and operators of major capex infrastructure projects, and the contractors they may be working with



Carestream Health

Objective: To engage radiographers in the success story at Royal Liverpool University Hospital, where a new X-ray unit has improved productivity and patient care. We promoted the advantages of the new equipment whilst keeping the interest of readers of medical trade magazines.

Target audience: Radiographers and orthopaedics staff


Technical Manuals

EuroFuelTech Biodiesel

Objective: To inform purchasers of EuroFuelTech's biodiesel processors about their new equipment, and how to use it safely and productively. A series of manuals included an Owners Manual, an Operators Manual, and manuals for two pieces of peripheral equipment. A General Guide, from which this extract is taken, was also provided.

Target audience: Owners of new biodiesel processors


Trade Press Advertising

Toshiba Air Conditioning

Objective: To inform installers about the environmental implications of using refrigerants, and encourage them to use the new eco friendly R407C system from Toshiba.

Target audience: Installers of air conditioning


Bids for Contracts


Amey plc

Objective: To respond to invitations to tender for multi-million pound maintenance contracts, mainly in the fields of highways maintenance and facilities management.

Target audience: Awarding panels for the Highways Agency, local government and other major organisations.

This work for Amey was commercially sensitive, and no portfolio examples are available.


Web Copy Editing

QinetiQ logo


Objective: To show, clearly and effectively, that QinetiQ has a wealth of products and services that stand out in the energy sector. The existing web copy for the case studies was very long, and needed to be reduced by up to 60% in some cases without losing important information.

Target audience: Decision makers in the energy industry


Tactical Promotional Item

FFwd Precision Marketing

Objective: An application for a Most Promising Young Business award, for the growing FFwd agency. Created in an eye-catching journalistic style.

Target audience: An awards panel


Direct Mail

House Of Fraser

Objective: A voucher enquiry pack to encourage HR managers to incentivise their top performing personnel. The amount of copy required was limited, so the strap line needed to make a strong initial impact.

Target audience: Human Resources Managers


Promotional Leaflet

The Eye Clinic

Objective: Thick spectacle lenses are heavy and unattractive, and wearers know this. This leaflet promoted new technology which makes lenses thinner, and aims to persuade the spectacle wearer to upgrade.

Target audience: Spectacle wearers

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